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Hi! My name is Budget and I'm a hobbyist artist and character designer. My commissions are sometimes open so feel free to ask.
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BudgetPyx's News

Posted by BudgetPyx - 12 days ago

Hello, I figured I'd address the lack of art that's being posted here.

It's been a long time since I've actually enjoyed drawing stuff. I want to say that it was June that caused this as I did not stop drawing until the 28th. It caused me to get burnt out for a bit, and I'm struggling to recover from this burnout.

I'd give it a 2-4 weeks or so until I start doing more drawings, right now I think I just need a break. Art Fight is definitely beyond me right now.

That's all for now, take care.


Posted by BudgetPyx - 1 month ago

Today marks the end of June, meaning I have one more piece to show before I take a break for a bit before jumping straight into Art Fight.

Unfortunately; Newgrounds doesn't really allow multiple people to publish a collaborated piece, so instead of uploading it, you can find the finished piece Here.

There were five of us who were involved in the making of this piece. I worked on the shading/highlights.

SnowyCeleste credited everyone who was involved, so I highly suggest checking everyone out.

Thanks for the support over the month, I don't think I could have done this without you guys.

Have a great day!


Posted by BudgetPyx - 1 month ago

Figured I should point out that there will be no day 21.

I straight up have nothing planned for that day as I'll be working on something bigger which I'll hopefully be able to post on the 30th.


Posted by BudgetPyx - 1 month ago


As I mentioned either yesterday or the day before, day 19 will be posted along side day 20 on the 27th. It's a fairly tall order but that's because day 19 actually comes with a minor redesign to an existing character AND a one-time only gender-bent design purely for day 19.

I think I've only done this once actually, never been a fan of genderbending my characters. But i like how it came out so the sketch will begin tomorrow. It should just end up being a pin up, same thing with day 20.

On the plus side, I've finished my Pre Calculus exam so I am officially done with school until September, so these last few days should hopefully come out quicker.

Finally, here is the sketch of the gender-bent character design for day 19.


That's all I got today. Take care.


Posted by BudgetPyx - June 24th, 2021


I'll be participating in this year's Art Fight as it is taking place in July.

You can find me here!

Anything I create will be posted here with the character owner's permission. (I will of course post a link to the person's Art Fight page on every post.)

I will be on team Steampunk, friendly fire responses will not be common but ill get through some of them if I got the time.


Posted by BudgetPyx - June 24th, 2021

Change of plans,

It has come to my attention that I have already done teasing as a prompt. My dumbass forgot about it because that day was also ripped clothing. I mean I guess I have a reason why I forgot but I still feel stupid about it.

So here's what I'm gonna do instead; Tomorrow's prompt will 100% be posted on the 27th along with the original prompt for that day. (So basically what I'm trying to say is, expect a double post that day.) Today's prompt will now be gender-bent, and I will be using a character I haven't drawn in about 6 months.

The reason why it will take long is that I got to design a gender-bent version of it. I'm not really keen on the idea of it just being "x character with dick/boobs" as it comes off as incredibly lazy. So I'll use the rest of today to design it.

I'll post the new design in lieu of day 19. My apologies.


Posted by BudgetPyx - June 21st, 2021

You know what, fuck it. I've done my own grave with this redraw.

I'm calling it quits for today, ill start on continue my work tomorrow. No day 17, day 18 will hopefully come out according to plan.



Posted by BudgetPyx - June 21st, 2021

Alright I figured I'd give an update on Day 17; It will be a little late. And by late, I think it will be posted tomorrow if anything.

Now I usually enjoy following a pattern of doing the sketch one day, and finishing everything else the next. But as i was refining the sketch, I saw so many anatomical issues that drove me insane. It got so bad to the point where I said fuck it and scrapped the entire sketch (except for the background as that's kind of important.)

I'm trying to keep everything faithful to the original version as that's kind of the point of a redraw, but looking back at it, it looks so stiff. Because of that, I decided to change the pose to make it less stiff, while keeping the idea of the original.

All I can really do right now to make things go as planned is to restart the sketch, the sheer amount of anatomical issues is causing the sketch to look like a lost cause.

That is all, take care and see you guys tomorrow.


Posted by BudgetPyx - June 15th, 2021

I'm glad I finally hit a good work system, where I do the sketch one day and finish it the next. Not only does it improve productivity, but it also makes my work go by quicker with less downtime.

Before, I'd end up going until 23:30 - 0:15 which caused me to rush some of the important parts, like backgrounds and shading. Now, I get to spend more time on the entire thing so it comes out better. The improvement is incredibly obvious which brings me joy.

It also gives me more time to work on external projects, like school, university-prep Precalculus class, preparing for my own graduation, etc.

As for how many pieces I need to make by the end of June, I have 8 more pieces left in the span of 16 days. Any leftover prompts from when I decided to go from 1 a day to 1 every two days will be done gradually during the summer.

Finally, While my commissions are open, they will be put on hold until the end of June. This will chance once June is over for obvious reasons. I don't exactly have an update commission sheet, you can just ask me for my prices and i'll list them off to you. My DMs here are open, along with my DMs on discord (Budget#6549).

Sorry for the long update, have a good day.


Posted by BudgetPyx - June 10th, 2021

I don't think I can keep up with drawing shit daily. I'll be shifting from daily to once every two days (maybe something added if I feel up for it.)

School is really starting to hurt my productivity, but at least it should be over the 18th. I'll make up my mind if I want to go back to daily when the time comes.

Day 11 is something I'm looking forward to, so there's that I guess. Maybe taking a small break in between each day will help, maybe it wont, I won't know until I try.